Conversational AI vs Chatbot – Demonstrating the Great Importance

Conversational AI Example

Innovative Chatbots, a company committed to providing chatbot scripts for websites and apps, has released a series of examples showcasing how chatbots can be used to offer an enhanced customer experience. The company believes it is important for businesses to understand the potential of conversational AI and how it can provide a better experience for customers. The chatbot examples demonstrate how technology can be used to converse with customers on a more personal level, enabling deeper engagement and better experiences.

Conversational AI is a growing trend

Conversational AI is a new branch of AI that allows machines to have conversations with humans. While it can be argued that humans are just as good as chatbots, at the moment it is much easier to add a human dimension to a digital system. For example, chatbots are not able to understand complex user input, including slang and idioms, or understand multi-part, user-frequently used questions, so they can only be used on broad-level needs.

Chatbots are set to revolutionize the way people interact with the internet and the way businesses operate. As an example, consumer-orientated brands like Tesco and Nando’s are already using chatbots on their websites to help customers select items, with great success.

The Importance of Conversational AI

One of the major advantages of using chatbots in the modern age is that it enables users to engage with websites and apps in a more human manner, allowing businesses to engage and retain customers. Conversational AI allows companies to automate certain tasks that would otherwise take much longer to achieve, while providing more meaningful interactions with the user.

The idea of conversational AI doesn’t only mean interacting with a chatbot, but rather connecting with customers in a more meaningful way, making them feel more at home with their interactions with the brand.

With a more personal approach, users can become more engaged and share the experience with friends and family, which is essential for businesses looking to build a loyal customer base.

Conversational AI vs Chatbot

Conversational AI refers to machine learning methods that enable chatbots to adapt and learn new conversations, all within a few short hours, and provide a personalized customer experience. Chatbots are on the rise, and businesses can leverage them for a variety of applications. They are particularly useful in industries that offer a personal touch such as travel, customer service, and sales.

Innovative Chatbots, a company who focuses on building chatbots for business, showcases the potential of chatbots on our Bot Examples page.

On this page, we demonstrate a variety of chatbot examples which can be used in a number of business industries.

Innovative Chatbots Examples

The launch of chatbots for websites and apps is an exciting opportunity for businesses to grow and serve their customers better. As a company, we want to be at the forefront of this technology and help demonstrate how conversational AI can improve engagement and enhance customer experiences. This is a rapidly evolving field and it’s great to see more companies engaging with it. Most importantly, businesses need to explore the potential chatbots offer and to know what conversations to avoid in order to create a positive customer experience.

Chatbots provide a platform where a website or app can effectively provide a personalized experience.

Conversational AI in customer service

Customer service chatbots are helping businesses manage the flow of customer interactions with bots that are able to handle higher volumes of traffic than traditional customer service chatbots. The main problem with conversational AI is that people have such an inherent need to have a human conversation. They want to be able to have a conversation with someone who understands them, who can give them a recommendation or recommend something and not just ask a question.

Innovative Chatbots’ customer service chatbots enable a more intimate customer experience and help businesses to understand what their customers are interested in.

Conversational AI in lead generation

Innovative Chatbots demonstrates how conversational chatbots can be used to encourage communication between a customer and a business, instead of a sales associate. We highlight how chatbots can improve user experience and help prospects become more interested in discussing the prospect’s needs and concerns.

Customer service representatives from a bank, health care industry like Chiropractors or a grocery store can experience improved customer service by focusing on personalized communication within the chatbot. The focus of the chatbots are to reduce the time needed for a representative to assist a customer or assist in answering common questions to allow staff to better assist others who have more personalized questions. These chatbots can also help in other ways like saving time between signing up for an online account and actually accessing the account.

Conversational AI in sales

Being able to talk to a business through a chatbot to obtain information or ask questions is a hugely efficient method of customer service. Not only does it ensure that the conversation is answered more quickly but it also means that the customer feels heard. It is extremely important to get this right, however, if a chatbot is to become part of a company’s everyday operations. According to Nettitude, brands that fail to implement technology properly may be setting themselves up for significant risk when it comes to meeting customer expectations.

Conversational AI in Real Estate

Conversational AI is increasingly being used by home sellers to market their homes and connect with potential buyers. They can use this to build trust among potential buyers by engaging them with questions and friendly dialogue. The examples from Innovative Chatbots also show how to connect with interested buyers based on where they are looking to live.


In Conclusion

Chatbots are creative, conversational, and / or can be funny. But it’s important to not over-engineer the content. As long as you keep it simple, your chatbot can be creative, conversational or funny and reach a level of engagement with the user to help turn leads into customers.

Interested in a chabot for your business? Check out our example bots and contact us today to get started!

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