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Contact Bot

A Contact Bot can replace web forms and help prevent spam.

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Real Estate Bot

Using a chatbot for Real Estate can help you gain the needed information from prospective clients while informing you how urgent a client is needing to buy or sell.

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Restaurant Bot

Like pizza places, restaurants can also benefit from a chatbot for restaurants in a similar way. Check out this chatbot for restaurants which can be edited to meet your restaurant needs.

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Pizza Bot

A chatbot for pizza places / restaurants can be really beneficial. Have a chatbot to encourage orders using coupons and email lists. Check this chatbot out to see how.

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Salon Bot

Chatbots for salons are a great added tool! You can schedule appointments, get reports for services and more. Try this chatbot out & see.

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Painting Company Bot

Are you a professional painting company? A chatbot for painters can help automate the process of answering questions and scheduling consults. See how this chatbot does things.

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Carpet Care Bot

How much time is spent gathering information on a client to get their carpet cleaned? Using a chatbot for carpet cleaning companies can take care of this for you and then some. See how this chatbot handles this.

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Chiropractor Bot

Chiropractors have the task of moving people's joints and such around. Why not have a chatbot for chiropractors move your workflow around and automate it for you? Check this chatbot out to see how it does it.

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