About Us - Innovative Chatbots

Hi. My name is Troy Gnat and I  formed Innovative Chatbots out of my love for both current and emerging technology, business, people and their desire to connect each in order to make a significant and impactful difference in today’s business world. I have a distinct background in business and technology that has helped forge Innovative Chatbots into what it is today. In fact, I have joined a group that was formed around chatbot technology, chatbot creation, and chatbot building and servicing to help businesses which have built an even stronger knowledge about this fantastic technology. I immediately knew that the this was something which could be offered to the business world providing something exciting, something new and great, something game-changing, and something worth investing in; something that was at the ground-level of revolutionizing the online business world, both big and small.

My goal is to help companies around the world revolutionize the way they provide world-class service to their online customers, truly maximize their return on investment with their online presence, and be able to offer an unfair, competitive advantage to any and every customer experience on their site. My goal was, and still is, to offer businesses a way to have 24/7/365 intelligent conversations with their online guests and customers that makes the online experience ‘human’ again. I view businesses without chatbots for their customers the same as businesses that have no employees on the showroom floor to greet their guests and customers, to help provide them a world-class experience, or to help them maximize their time and efforts spent at their store. Without a chatbot, this is the same experience online customers are faced with.

I know firsthand how much blood, sweat, tears, and resources can be poured into a business and its’ online presence – which is why I set out to create the world’s greatest asset to any businesses online presence – chatbots. The only thing greater than the invention of the internet, was the invention of the internet’s artificial intelligence platform – the chatbot.

As a business owner, I have over 15 years in the methodologies and principals of web technology. This affords me the ability to offer business owners and their company’s an unmatched and unfair, competitive advantage over their competitors, when it comes to hand-crafting their chatbot. My background and expertise gives me the ability to see a businesses’ online presence from both the technology aspect and the customer perspective, simultaneously. This also gives me a natural ability to find and connect the dots to uncover holes and opportunities that at exist on a businesses website, and to help fill those with an artificial intelligence platform that connects the online world with the online customer.

My ability and gift is to work with any business owner on their list of business needs and wants, and then build the actual solutions into the bot with amazing accuracy and precision, which is what produces the immediate impact the business needs and deserves. I enjoy seeing the rewards of my hand-crafted chatbots being able to deliver back to the owner many new customers and the ROI that was never expected back from an owner before his chatbot was created and implemented on their site.

If you haven’t had the opportunity and experience to speak to me, I welcome and encourage you to reach out when the time is right for you. I am waiting to build your company’s first, online and innovative chatbot!