One of the great ways we differentiate ourselves from all the other chatbot ‘creators’ or technologies available, is our personal approach to building the closest thing to a clone of you that we can, for the benefit of your company, you, and your online customers.

We don’t believe in pointing you to a do-it-yourself chatbot ‘kit’, or asking you for tons of information, so we (or you) can upload the data into a file and out comes your chatbot. This is the exact thing we try to avoid. Once a cookie-cutter approach, which is often and simply put, a low-cost alternative to a valuable chatbot, the chatbot becomes more of a ‘bot’ then a personalized experience for your customers. And, that’s what we provide.

The best way to provide a personal, engaging, V.I.P. experience with Chatbots is to get inside the minds of the company’s buyer persona / avatar, and from there, build the Chatbot equally to the needs of the Chatbot’s company and its’ online customers.

First, we meet with you to understand your business challenges, both online and inside to help determine where to start building the Chatbot. With challenges in mind, we will seek to incorporate solutions into the Chatbot so that the experience begins to unravel around the solutions to the challenges the company faces. We can’t solve all the business challenges, but we can help solve most through the Chatbot interface and the data the Chatbot can help build and report on.

Second, we discuss and help define customer challenges that you face – both online and offline. Often times, the large majority, if not all, can be solved with Chatbots – both in their direct and indirect customer involvement and engagement. Once we predefine what matters most (and least) to your customers, we can then move onto areas of opportunity that have yet to be explored with your online presence, and incorporate them for the first time into your Chatbot.

Lastly, we begin to build the chatbot to the specifications and guidelines we establish with you, and create the ideal, one-of-a-kind, online Chatbot that is the perfect representation of you that technology allows, and give it a test drive with you.


When you’re satisfied with the outcome of your Chatbot, we turn it online and let it begin working your online traffic exactly as it was intended and designed to do.

We then provide you with reporting, analysis, and strategic feedback based on your Chatbot’s data gathering and intelligent reporting. The analysis and reporting from Chatbots will likely be much different and more in-depth than you’ve received using other means of customer intelligence gathering in the past. Therefore, we will be there to make required or desired adjustments, enhancements, or changes based on this new intelligent information.

We stay in touch with you to continue providing world-class service for your Chatbot, your company, your customers, and you.