How can a chatbot help my business?

We all want to know, “What’s in it for me?”

Well, here’s what’s in it for you and your business after implementing a chatbot:

Greater reporting of what’s most important to your online visitors.

What your online customers say is important. What they DON’T say is often as, or even more, important.

When you visit a website now, and you find what you’re looking for, like in a brick-and-mortar store, you browse and/or buy and then leave, right? Sure, you do.

When you’re in the same brick-and-mortar store, and no one is working or attentive to you, what do you do? Exactly, you either have to search for help or you leave; well, there’s NO DIFFERENCE when it comes to your website!

An online customer that has unanswered questions or zero engagement will either call into your store to seek the answers they want or need – OR, they log off and go about their life. Either is suboptimal or poor in the business sense. Or, for that matter, for customer experience and engagement. It’s BAD.

If you don’t have a way to engage and ‘be there’ for each unique visitor, no matter the time of day – opportunity is consistently missed.

Businesses spend a good amount of money, time and effort to get online visitors to their website. Effort, energy, personnel and market dollars/ad spend are also largely spent. How much is then spent to keep the visitor remaining on the site, engaged, and/or excited to buy or visit? Without a Chatbot – ZERO!

What about a way to provide you valuable feedback (both the positive and the negative) from a visitor? Hearing negative feedback, or worse yet, not hearing it, from review sites can be prevented. These sites, often viewed by many, can make a big impact in a customer’s eyes. Yet, the impact which could have happened had you known about the issues, could have been positive. Having a way to communicate providing feedback while they’re on your website is crucial!

You, like many other companies, are likely spending your marketing dollars trying to attract the ideal clients to your website. You are as likely placing extra marketing spend on advertising promotions, specials, new product/service lines, discounts, holiday specials, etc. Chatbots are not only great listeners, they’re terrific advertisers as well! Why not take the warm leads that are live on your site and actively maneuvering around your company’s online presence to present to them any and every promotion or marketing message that pertains to them while they’re there?

Chatbots present a great way to ‘live test’ A/B products/services while your customers are online. On demand reporting allows you to know exactly what’s hot, and what’s not, by the responses (or lack thereof) of anything you wish to place emphasis on in your website.

Recognizing buying behaviors, customer engagement levels, feedback, and responses will be invaluable to your company. Don’t rely solely on Google Analytics, tags, pixels, and other means of tracking customer behavior to direct change – rely on the actual CUSTOMER and their interactions with your chatbot! This is the most reliable, accurate, and consistent customer feedback you can actually make strategic decisions with.

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