Chatbots Save Time Each Week by Automating Your Business

Chatbots have gained an immense amount of popularity in recent years and for good reason. Deploying chatbots in your business can not only improve efficiency levels but also improve customer experience. The best thing about chatbots is that they are available 24/7. This way, they can interact with every customer that visits your page so that no one leaves disappointed.

If you are looking for a suitable chatbot for business, then we, at Innovative Chatbots, have brought to you some of the best features where chatbots save Time each week by automating your business. Experience business automation at its best with our services and if you want to know more about the features of our chatbots, read on to find out.

Interesting features that will save your time

Better Handling of Accounts

Chatbots can handle your customers’ account in a much faster and efficient manner. Employees are not always able to handle things like password resets or other account related queries as fast as a chatbot. When chatbots take over these tasks, your employees can spend their energy somewhere more important.

Enhanced Customer Service

Better customer service is the key to increased sales. If a customer comes to your site out of business hours and you do not have any employees to attend to that customer, then he/she will return empty-handed. This would mean the loss of sales. But by using a chatbot for business, your customers’ queries will not go unattended.

Seamless Conversations

One of the best things about a chatbot is that your customers can engage with them in a purely conversational manner. The chatbots are programmed to recognize certain phrases and keywords in the queries posed by the customers and thus produce a relevant answer instantly. Moreover, your customers will be more satisfied since they do not have to scour your entire website to find the information they are looking for.

Increased Engagement

Chatbots are one of the best resources you can implement in your business to increase engagement. When you keep your customers engaged by constantly catering to their queries right from the beginning, they are more likely to remain on your website and finally choose to avail your service or buy a product.

Personalized Approach to Your Customers

Our chatbots are programmed to give your customers a personalized approach. By collecting your customers’ past product searches, the chatbots can be programmed to provide your customers with relatable or similar offers that are enticing. This will keep your customers interested.

Increase in Sales

All of the above features will ultimately help to increase your sales and bring you more profits. Chatbots can help the customers get the products or services they are looking for in particular and also provide them with some alternative options. Chatbots can also help them with the checkout procedure and thus ensure that the customer does not back out due to lack of knowledge.

Concierge Services

The online presence of your business is represented directly by your website and chatbots are what virtual helpdesks look like. They serve as the first point of contact for any customer who is visiting your website and the right form of interaction can drive you greater sales. The presence of chatbots ensures that no matter what the time of visit is, your customer is always greeted welcomingly and all their queries are answered.

Benefits of Chatbots

Some of the benefits of chatbots are as follows –


One of the most important benefits of implementing a chatbot in your business is saving time. Fast and automated answers are the future of online business tactics. Customers are always looking forward to instantaneous help and support from the brand’s side and chatbots can help you achieve that because they can provide their service even at odd hours of the day. The presence of chatbots on your website will save time because a whole working day will not be wasted in procuring answers for a customer.


If you hire employees who will work day and night, it will lead to greater operational costs in your business. But with chatbots, you can cut down on those costs. This is because chatbots are available for every budget. The price changes depending upon the complexity of service you need them to perform. Moreover, unlike your employees, a chatbot won’t require any paid sick-leaves or vacation leaves and will be available 24/7.

Reduce Human Errors

One of the drawbacks of hiring human employees and making them work for extended hours is the occurrence of errors in work. They can make typing errors or even transpose numbers. But with chatbots, you will not have to face such problems in your business. The chatbots will be running 24/7 without any errors at all. They will always give accurate answers to your employees.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction among your customers is what will keep them coming back to you for your service. Chatbots are available at all times of the day and your customers will always be attended to. Unsatisfied customers do not result in sales. But with the integration of chatbots, you can provide your customers with better service which, in turn, will drive in greater sales.

Rapid Resolution of Simple Issues

When you have chatbots on your website, the can look after the simple complaints and queries that your customers have. Moreover, they can provide a speedy solution as well so that your customer is impressed. Also, having chatbots for such simple tasks will help you to assemble a skilled team of human professionals who will be devoting their time and energy only towards escalated issues. This will improve work efficiency by many folds.

Know Your Users Better

Users often prefer to interact with chatbots rather than humans. Moreover, by picking up specific keywords from the questions asked, chatbots can not only provide the necessary solutions to the customers but also, in turn, ask questions which will bring out more information about him/her. This information when used in the right manner can help you sell more products or services. For example, if your customer says that he/she prefers a particular aspect, the chatbots can show them something similar or something that will entice the customer’s attention. Chatbots can record the data and metrics for future use and also keep a track on trends that the customer is following.

Change the Nature of Marketing

Implementation of chatbots has the ability to completely change the nature of marketing. Subtle persuasions to the customer by showcasing products they like or simply sending reminders about coupons and offers without any need for human workforce is very much advantageous to businesses. Moreover, chatbots can be programmed to track what interests a particular customer has and then provide them with notifications that are relatable.


Chatbots can integrate with a number of systems depending on the bot platform you choose. For example, the bots Innovative Chatbots make are perfect chatbots for your business as we can have the data that people provide to the chatbot delivered to another source like your CRM, a spreadsheet, etc.


We all know that Facebook is a great tool for business. Chatbots for business pages can also be very useful in your marketing while saving you time. Integrating your chatbot in your website and Facebook page can provide you the feedback from your customer, answer questions, and much more with the need for you to spend time talking to them. Then, when there is the need for human interaction, the chatbot can easily transfer the messaging over to a human to take over the conversation.

Pointers with Chatbots for Business

So now how do you make a bot work for your business? Here are a few ways Innovative Chatbots can help you start and ensure you are pointed in the right direction.

1. Replace web forms with a chatbot.

2. Ask the right questions. A bot can be a great tool or it can be annoying.

3. Have a bot on the right pages. A bot does not need to open on every page. In fact, having one on only the right areas will help with engagement and provide better feedback to you from your customers.

4. Keep things simple. Having overly long text in your bot is just as bad as trying to read that thesis paper with tons of text. Keep your text short and ask questions in between so the person can interact. However, don’t ask too short of questions where you do not get your point across or leave them confused.

5. Make sure your customers know they are talking to a chatbot and not a real person. People do not being duped and it will not make for good customer service. The best way would be to let them know right from the start who they are talking to and that a real person can be contacted quickly at any time.

Why Not Use a Do-It-Yourself Chatbot Service?

Why choose Innovative Chatbots when you can choose a Do-It-Yourself service for free?

This is a great question and one that we hear often! To answer this question, you really need to do your research to see what every different chatbot service offers. It may actually be better for you to use a Do-It-Yourself service if:

  • You do not mind limitations to your chatbot
  • You do not mind taking time to learn the system and how to create an effective chatbot
  • You do not want to add any integrations to your business from the chatbot


There are always limitations to the free services. Most free chatbots for business will restrict the use of their premium addons or growth tools.

Having limited services in your chatbot may not be a concern as long as you are getting the services you need. However, remember that you will want to grow your business so you may need these services later which will be an added cost at that point.

Time To Learn

The next issue to be aware of is the time it will take to learn the system and therefore create your chatbot. As most of these services are pretty much drag and drop, it should not take too long to learn. However, it is not going to benefit your business if you have a chatbot that was made in 5 minutes, but does not help your customers. Learning how to ask your customers the right questions, when to ask what question and then use these responses to help your customer is going to take a deal of time to learn unless you want your chatbot to just provide yes no answers which would kind of defeat the purpose of having the chatbot to help your customers.

Programming The Chatbot?

Finally, most free drag and drop chatbot services offer ways to talk to your customers and build your lists, but do not offer programmatic ways to allow your chatbot to work with your business without added costs. For example, it can be hugely beneficial for your business to have the responses from your bot to be saved to a spreadsheet or your CRM. If the chatbot service does not offer it, then your chatbot will only be minimally beneficial to you.

On the flip-side, if the chatbot does offer programmatic ways to allow your chatbot to benefit your business through integrations or simple programming, unless your a programmer, how long will it take you to learn to program the chatbot to fit your needs?

These are just a few of the things you need to pay attention to when looking for a Do-It-Yourself chatbot service.

If you would like to save both time and money and at the same time taking your business to the next level, Innovative Chatbots for your business is the most affordable and efficient solution. Moreover, with our chatbots, you will be able to handle an increased number of customers at once 24/7 while driving a greater amount of sales in a month. We, at Innovative Chatbots, have built a chatbot for business that will give you a comprehensive solution to all your business needs and take your productivity levels up a notch. So, come and experience a better business strategy with our chatbots!

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